Abby Baggs

ACE Certified Group Instructor & Personal Trainer
Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Fit4Baby * Body Back

As one of the kindest people you will ever meet, Abby is also one of the toughest fitness instructors you will ever come across. You'll hate her when she's making you do your umpteenth burpee. But you'll love her for her kindness when making you do it and for how your body will feel after a Body Back or Stroller Strides session with her. Basically? She's awesome.

Abby has been in the health and Fitness industry for over 19 years and became a member of Fit4Baby when she was 6 months pregnant in 2011. After the birth of her first son Lincoln (5), she continued on with Stroller Strides and it has positively impacted both of their lives. Fit4Mom is about all the things she loves: supporting other moms, spreading knowledge, invoking change, and teaching children how to live a healthy lifestyle.

When Abby is not teaching a fit4mom class, you can usually find her being really adventurous, riding her mountain bike, skiing or traveling.

"I believe true fitness for a mom is achieved by the positive power of her mind, the love she has for herself, the support of other mothers, and the movement of her body. And having your kids a part of that, makes it even better. There is nothing like the giggles of kiddos in a class full of sweaty beautiful mama's!!!"

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