Rachel Goochey

ACE and Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Fit4Baby * Stroller Barre * Body Back * Boost
Social Coordinator, MNOs

If you have not met Rachel Goochey or taken one of her classes, then you are sorely missing out. She’s loud. She’s silly. She takes her glasses off whenever she has to do burpees and the babies love her.

Rachel never saw herself as athletic, or even as someone who would enjoy working out. In the spring of 2013 she tried a Stroller Strides class and the group of women that she has met through Fit4Mom, along with the structure that it has added to her life, has totally changed her previous misconceptions about herself. Feeling strong and connected and knowing that her kids have a host of real, healthy role models that they can look up to, is what initially made Rachel fall for Fit4Mom.

In March of 2014 she became certified to teach Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back and has also earned her ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification. Rachel loves being able to help other mothers achieve their fitness goals and settle into a network of supportive and like-minded mamas. Recently, she was certified to teach Stroller Barre and you will not regret taking her classes, she will make your body burn and she's tough.

Rachel is also our Social Coordinator - makes sense, right? Silly, funny, social. She plans all of our Moms Night Outs (MNOs) and they will make your month. She also is our unofficial welcoming committee. If you're new to the area, seek out Rachel. She'll basically make you feel like you've been here forever. Rachel's like a unicorn - except she's real.

When she’s not wearing sweaty workout clothes or planning social events, Rachel hangs out with her gorgeous kiddos, Alma, Jasper, and Ira and their dashing daddy, Alex. They like to bike around Boise, explore the foothills, take advantage of Boise’s awesome Green Belt and eat good food. Her favorite hobby is to bake and she is constantly revising old favorite recipes to become "clean" new favorites!

"Since as moms we all wear yoga pants every day anyway, Stroller Strides is the perfect way to put those pants to good use! Often times motherhood can bring a surprising host of insecurities and loneliness. I watch over and over as the Fit4Mom 'village' eliminates the loneliness and insecurity women feel, instead empowering them and teaching self-love. "

Thursday – August 24, 2017


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