Just Keep Moving

Abby’s voice was everywhere – behind me as I panted up the foothills, in front of me as I pushed through the last tabata round, next to me as I jumped into another burpee.

“Just. Keep. Moving.”

I wanted to stop. I wanted to collapse to the ground, catch my breath, and be still.

“Just. Keep. Moving.”

Each time I was tempted to ignore that voice and give in to the part of me that says I’m weak and I can’t do this, I would glance up at the women surrounding me. They were all moving. I couldn’t be the one to stop.

So I kept moving – through two Body Back workouts, a couple of Stroller Strides sessions, runs on the treadmill, ab video workouts in my living room, and yesterday’s Push 5K. There were definitely moments when it probably looked like I was moving in slow motion, but that’s ok. I kept going. And through that movement there was growth; I can feel the bulge of developing muscles and a surge of power when I jump. I am getting stronger.

I want to celebrate this growth and my renewed commitment to keep moving, but it’s hard not to dwell on all the moments in my life when I let myself get stuck – unhealthy relationships, negative work environments, bad habits, hurt feelings. So much wasted time. Nothing has driven home the preciousness of each moment like watching my son grow. Yesterday Asher was an infant and today he is approaching his first birthday. Every day counts.

I guess the question that I’m left with is how do I keep moving? I asked my husband and his answer was simple: “Jess, sometimes you just need a kick in the butt.” I laughed but immediately recognized the truth of his claim. I am so thankful for this “kick in the butt” and to have found a community that will keep cheering me on even when I really want to give up.

So let’s keep moving – together.