We're Moving Inside- First Stop Boise Town Square

Stroller Strides at the Mall? Trust me, it’s awesome.

We’ve spent the last few weeks bundling up our little ones in blankets and jackets to keep warm during class outside. The weather is (unfortunately) only going to get colder in the mornings, so the time has come to move Stroller Strides inside. While working out in the great outdoors is AMAZING, so is working out from the comfort of a heated building with clean bathrooms and several coffee shops conveniently located in the building.

What’s so great about the mall?

1. You can workout in your shorts in the middle of winter. Am I the only one who really sees this as a huge benefit? Maybe. But you get the idea – it’s not freezing cold outside, which is amazing in the winter. Do you remember last year’s winter weather?! Brrrr.

2. It’s entertaining for the kids. There are decorations up for the holidays, it’s a huge building so we can move around a lot, music is playing in the background, Santa, the Easter Bunny, need I say more?

3. Tone it up! At the mall we spend less time traveling, so we have more time to strengthen those muscles! But don’t worry, just because we can’t “run” in the mall doesn’t mean we’ll forget about cardio!

4. Bathrooms are plentiful. Let’s be honest – the bathrooms at the park are functional, but it’s not exactly convenient for a diaper change or a potty-training toddler.

5. Play areas. There are two. Hang out with your mom friends after class in the downstairs main play area or take your little ones upstairs to the little rides. And trust me, if you never insert your cash into the rides, your kids will never know the wiser and still have a great time.

6. Coffee and candy. Yep. There is a coffee kiosk on the main level, plus a Starbucks upstairs and let’s be honest, the new candy store is also pretty amazing.

7. Get that workout in EARLY. Wait, that’s a benefit? Yes. With class ending at 10, you can get so much more done in the morning. Did I mention the mall is across the street from Target? Just sayin’. Worried about being late because of preschool drop-off? Keep reading.

Pro Tips

1. Worried about being late to class everyday because those big kids need to get to school first? Don’t fear! We are going to have our first station after warm up at Dillard’s EVERYDAY this year. So if you are running late, park over at Dillard’s, get your warm up as you hustle yourself and those kids inside, and join us a little late. A 45-minute workout is better than a 0-minute workout, amiright?

2. Clean off that stroller and mat a bit before coming to the mall for the first time. Because goose poop. And leaves.

3. Layer up. In the dead of winter, I personally like to wear capris or shorts under some joggers so I can be comfortable in the mall if the heat is turned up and then warm and cozy when I need to go back outside.