February 2019 Healthy Mama Feature

Laura Aguirre

Who are you a mom to?

Two fun and enthusiastic girls. Esperanza, 5 and Frances, 3.

When and why did you get involved with Fit4Mom? How did you hear about it?

I started attending Stroller Strides in July. We had just moved to Boise and I really needed to find both a place for me to workout and something for my girls and I to do to meet people in our new city. I Googled “mommy workout groups” and Fit4Mom popped up. I knew we needed to check it out and have loved it ever since!

What Fit4Mom programs have you participated in (or are planning to!) and what were your favorite parts of them?

We attended Stroller Strides over the summer, I did the Fall Body Back session and now I’m doing Boost drop in classes. I love that my girls get to go with me to Stroller Strides, they get to see mama doing her best to live an active and healthy lifestyle. They love playing afterward with all the new friends they have made. Body Back is a whole different experience! And as much as I love having my girls with me while I workout, I also love the break I get while at Body Back. It’s such a sweet time to focus on myself and re-fill my cup.

What's your favorite Fit4Mom moment/memory/experience?

The squirrel! The squirrel that resides in the trees, of the playground at Julia Davis Park, has provided some very memorable moments. From it scavenging through everyone’s stroller to taking our kids toys up his tree, it is something out of a TV show. My daughters squeal in delight/horror any time they see it now.

What keeps you busy when you're not being "mom"? (jobs, hobbies, etc) Spending time with my family and friends, catching up on shows, exploring our new city, trying new foods, playing and watching sports and anything outdoors.

What's something interesting that people may not know about you?

I only have one kidney! I donated my left one in 2008.

What future fitness goals do you have for yourself? Since joining Fit4Mom I have already begun to make strides toward some major fitness goals. I hope to reach my goals of running longer and faster, growing stronger and to continuing to shed some sticky post baby weight.