Friday Feature- Building Villages

February 28, 2018Summer Walters

Each month, FIT4MOM Boise features a VENDOR OF THE MONTH - or a local business, Non-profit or mompreneur that we believe in.

The month of February is all about new parents with our featured vendor: Building Villages.

Building Villages is a new non-profit organization in Boise! Building Villages believes that the well-being of a community is enhanced when all parents have access to support and children's earliest experiences are positive and healthy. We foster meaningful social connections for new parents, offer tools to help families navigate the realities of parenthood, and build a strong foundation for a healthy family environment through:

- Neighborhood-based New Parent Groups

- Bringing Baby Home Workshops

- Positive and Neuroscience-based Parent Education

- Community Events, Workshops, and Resources

Pregnancy to Parenting Guide - Whether during pregnancy, birth, after your baby is born, or beyond -- the support of experienced professionals, education, activities, and more can greatly improve your experience. The Building Villages Pregnancy to Parenting Guide is your one-stop-shop for LOCAL resources for your parenting journey! Find listings on pediatricians, breastfeeding support, postpartum health & wellness, parenting education, children's activities, and much more. It's everything you need in the first years of parenthood. www.buildingvillages.org

Our vision is to ensure every family in our community has the foundation to nurture happy, healthy children who grow up to be happy, healthy adults! Join our community to share the joys and challenges of parenthood, connect, and grow in your parenting journey.