Get your house "Spruced" Up!

Summer Walters

Have you ever stared at a room in your house and been like - can someone just come over and tell me what to do with this room? Should I use grandma's vase or should I save it as an heirloom? Is this how you style pillows in the master? Do I have to pay a million dollars just to get this advice?

No. No you don't! Not anymore, at least. Enter Spruce Interiors!

Now, Boise has Spruce Interiors, you guys. They do everything! Including telling you if you should use Grandma's vase or try something new and even help you pick paint colors! They have an entire menu of options that can fit any budget, including the "Spruce Single" which costs $200 and includes a refresh of your room. Sure, you might be ready to design your whole house and they offer that, too. Like I said, they have everything.

These ladies are so talented and also so ready to help all of us moms that they gave FIT4MOM BMHS a $200 Spruce Single to give away to one lucky mama. YES! That's one of you in our FIT4MOM Community!

First, a little more about Spruce design: