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We're so glad you found us, mama!

This is us - your FIT4MOM Boise Instructor Team - and we survive on coffee, laughter, wine, moms night outs and our village. We also LOVE our job (Can you tell?). We are moms first - instructors, mentors & sisters in motherhood second. And did we mention we LIVE for our Village? In fact, you'll hear more than one of us tell you that this village of moms literally "saved us" and our sanity.

Okay, more about our professional capabilities. As instructors we receive the highest level of training specific for moms from our National Company FIT4MOM (founded by a fitness instructor) and we are required to continue training every year. We provide 4 different options for classes for pre-and post-natal fitness, centered around strength, cardio & core including, FIT4Baby pregnancy fitness classes, "Mom & Me" classes, Body Back Transformation HIIT classes and Run Club.

Our Village consists of weekly playgroups, Monthly Moms Nights Out, quarterly community service projects & more. SEE? Not only are we a GREAT group with lots of activities, you'll also get an awesome workout that is super fun, to boot!

If you're not a part of our village, join us - we need you. If you are, we are so happy to have you.

(Photos are courtesy of Meagan Thorndyke & Blush Photography, a Boise favorite for family & Baby portraits. Contact her here)

Franchise Owner & FIT4Baby Instructor

A San Diego native, Summer moved to Boise in 2014 with her husband and 2 kids, Max (6) and Katie (2.5, going on threenager), so her husband could accept a job offer.

One of the first things they did when considering Boise, was check to see if there was a Stroller Strides. Summer was a member of the La Costa/Carlsbad Stroller Strides group in San Diego and knew having this network of mommas would be important to her when moving to a brand new city. When she met Rachel, Abby, Brittany and the entire group, she knew she'd found her village. In fact, she loved it so much - she bought it!

In her former life (a.k.a BK - Before Kids) Summer was both an entrepreneur and a marketing executive, climbing the corporate ladder before deciding to quit it all and be a stay-at-home mom. Currently, she owns a non-toxic makeup company and now will run the Boise Fit4Mom location.

In her spare time, you can find Summer reading a book, taking family bike rides along the greenbelt, skiing at Bogus Basin, enjoying the beaches of Southern California (when visiting her hometown) or just partaking in the Boise lifestyle and all it has to offer, with her little family.

"Fit4mom has been such an amazing experience for me and I'm so grateful to call this community my Boise 'family'. The instructors are warm and welcoming to new moms looking to work out and get the support they need those first few years post-partum. I am also a strong believer in making this a friendly and fun place for newcomers to the area to meet new mom-friends, exactly as it was for me."


Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Fit4Baby * Stroller Barre * Body Back * Boost * Run Club

Joslyn will kick your a$$. Need your legs to burn? How about your entire body to hurt for a week? Go to one of Joslyn's classes. She's TOUGH. And she's pregnant. Joslyn is a fitness inspiration even while pregnant and she'll make you work. But you can tell she works just as hard, if not harder, to keep in shape herself. If you don't want to be her, you'll want to be just like her.

As the lucky mom of two wild and adventurous boys Porter (5) and Rhys (3) and their newest addition - baby girl Tatum, Joslyn has been a part of this village for almost 5 years. She and her husband Mike moved to Idaho over 11 years ago and have spent that time enjoying the wonderful Boise outdoor lifestyle. Before having her kiddos she was a 3rd grade teacher and absolutely LOVED her job. After Porter was born she was lucky enough to teach part time and spent her mornings off from teaching by taking Stroller Strides classes. Once Rhys was born she decided to become a full-time stay at home mom and also became a Fit4Mom Instructor.

For her, Fit4Mom blended her three passions in life; family, teaching, and fitness. Joslyn is proud to say that not only has she personally participated in Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides, and Body Back, but she also has had the privilege of teaching all of those programs. Joslyn also recently got certified to teach Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides Running Club.

When she is not teaching a Fit4Mom class, you can find her running her two kiddos all over town (literally, in her Bob!) to their various favorite activities like the zoo, library story time, and playing at parks. Joslyn loves being part of the Fit4Mom community that celebrates moms, kids, fitness, and FUN!

"When I found Stroller Strides I was looking for a place I could get a great workout without having to drop my kid off at the gym day care. I not only found this, but I also found the greatest community of women who have become my friends and family. I can't survive a week without my Fit4mom village."

Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Body Back * Fit4Baby * Run Club
Creative Director

Nothing is better than taking a fitness class taught by a fitness and cardio junky. Enter Hayley. Her physical fitness is on point and she'll show you how to be that way when you take her classes. Also, cardio. She's goood at cardio and making you run for that piece of candy. See for yourself and take one of her classes. You'll be able to eat candy guilt-free (Yes, please?).

Hayley developed a love for fitness when she began going to group fitness classes and running races in her early twenties. When she had her baby boy in June 2013, she knew she wanted to keep up a fitness routine but found it challenging with a baby. She found Stroller Strides in May 2014 after moving to Boise and absolutely fell in love with the program. She loved seeing the support and motivation the moms gave to each other and loved that the program allowed for moms to include their little ones in their workout routine. The majority of her friends and support group have come from Stroller Strides - she doesn't know what she would have done without it!

Hayley teaches Stroller Strides, Body Back & Run Club classes. When she is not at Stroller Strides or out running, you can probably find her chasing around her toddler, Miles and her baby girl, Sammy at the park or zoo, trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, or relaxing at home with her family.

"Stroller Strides is so important to me because it combines my favorite things - fitness, my kiddos, and mom support. I think when we can build friendships while setting an example of fitness for our children, we are doing something absolutely amazing not only for ourselves, but for our kids and for the other moms who become our close friends."

ACE Certified Group Instructor & Personal Trainer
Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Fit4Baby * Body Back

As one of the kindest people you will ever meet, Abby is also one of the toughest fitness instructors you will ever come across. You'll hate her when she's making you do your umpteenth burpee. But you'll love her for her kindness when making you do it and for how your body will feel after a Body Back or Stroller Strides session with her. Basically? She's awesome.

Abby has been in the health and Fitness industry for over 19 years and became a member of Fit4Baby when she was 6 months pregnant in 2011. After the birth of her first son Lincoln (5), she continued on with Stroller Strides and it has positively impacted both of their lives. Fit4Mom is about all the things she loves: supporting other moms, spreading knowledge, invoking change, and teaching children how to live a healthy lifestyle.

When Abby is not teaching a fit4mom class, you can usually find her being really adventurous, riding her mountain bike, skiing or traveling.

"I believe true fitness for a mom is achieved by the positive power of her mind, the love she has for herself, the support of other mothers, and the movement of her body. And having your kids a part of that, makes it even better. There is nothing like the giggles of kiddos in a class full of sweaty beautiful mama's!!!"


Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Fit4Baby * Body Back * Boost

Tri like a mother, run like a mother, mountain bike like a mother and win like a mother. That's Nicole. If she decides to accomplish a goal she goes at it 150%. Like a MOTHER. Make sure you take her classes, she'll inspire you to push yourself like she does. Also? She's such an amazing human being. You will want to know her.

In search of life in the great outdoors, Nicole, her husband, Brian, and their two boys, Wyatt and Griffin, moved to Idaho from California in 2011 and she hasn't looked back.

In September 2014, two FitMoms that Nicole greatly admires encouraged her to join Stroller Strides and Body Back in order to take her training to the next level. So she did! In 2015 she completed her first session of Body Back and was inspired to "Tri Like a Mother". Nicole, along with our awesome Fit4Mom team, traveled to Mcall and placed 2nd at the Xterra Triathlon. You guessed it, she gave 150% and it all went downhill from there. She was hooked! Nicole became a Fit4Mom instructor this winter and is ready to help all mamas achieve their fitness goals, like she did.

As an avid runner, mountain biker and Stroller Strides regular, Nicole comes to Fit4Mom with a passion for healthy living and she is excited to embark on your fitness journey with you.

"I'm a better athlete and mom thanks to these ladies and The Fit4Mom programs. I am forever grateful for this sisterhood."


FIT4MOM Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides * Playgroup Captain * Community Service Director, Boise Moms-on-a-Mission

If you haven't met Megan Goodhew, our playgroup Captain then you are missing out! Megan is fortunate to be mom to Addison (3), Jaxon (3) and Gavin (1)! She joined Fit4Mom when her and her husband (Shane) moved to Boise 3.5 years ago. Originally from Washington, Megan has lived all over the country as an adult (Vegas, Boston, Miami, And Dallas), and so is super grateful to call Boise home and with the friendships she's made through Fit4Mom feels likes she's been here forever!

Before kids she was in hotel management and worked at Four Seasons Hotels and the Wynn in Vegas. She then got her Masters in Education at Southern Methodist University and taught kindergarten for 3 years and then was an assistant principal before getting pregnant and deciding to stay at home w her twins!

If megan isn't at a Fit4Mom event, you can find her running or literally chasing her 3 kids around the town at the park, zoo, library or museums!
Megan was very active before having kids, but after having twins she had a hard time balancing being a mom and staying fit until she found stroller strides and Body Back! She also got pregnant with her third baby after completing her first body back session and so was able to participate in fit4baby too! Recovering from her last pregnancy was so much easier because of all the direction from the Fit4Mom programs! But megan Says that being part of Fit4Mom is more than gaining stength, she has met the most incredible, intelligent, and caring women and has helped her adjust to being a mother of 3 with ease because of all their incredible support and guidance.

"When I moved to Boise I only knew a few people, but Fit4Mom welcomed us with open arms and we felt right at home! I love being able to work out at stroller strides with all my kids and watch them grow up w our incredible village. I love having the options of body back and boost that allow me to focus on myself which helps me be a better mom. And I love the support and encouragement I get from these amazing women through playgroups and Moms Night Out! I couldn't imagine trying to do motherhood with out these amazing women around me!"

FIT4MOM Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides, Hidden Springs

What do you do when you move to Boise's Hidden Springs community and there is no Stroller Strides in your neighborhood? You become certified and you teach it! That's Marissa in a nutshell - determined, fit and goal-oriented. It's what makes her a great Health-coach and Stroller Strides Instructor. If you need a fun, tough and kick-ass fitness class, take one from this Stroller Strides veteran - she'll make you come back again and again!

Marissa moved to Boise in 2016 with her husband Ben and son, Hudson so they could live near family in the Hidden Springs community. Shortly after moving here, she had her second son Parker and has been in two Stroller Strides/FIT4MOM communities - back in Southern California where she's from and Boise's when she moved here.

As a Health Coach, Marissa has always been health and fitness conscious and it shows! When she's not teaching or coaching, you can find her in the great outdoors or near water. She loves biking, hiking, waterskiing and basically anything active.

"Fit4mom has helped me feel strong and find myself again.The community of moms is priceless."


Fit4Mom Certified Instructor
Stroller Strides, Hidden Springs

Bethany and her husband Justin moved to Boise recently to the Hidden Springs community with their sweet baby Jack because they both love Boise so much and wanted to raise a family here. As a mama and an avid FIT4MOM member since the beginning of the year, Bethany has never looked back on her fitness journey since having baby Jack. She found herself looking forward to working out and wants to bring that love to her community in Hidden Springs by teaching Stroller Strides to other mamas with Marissa.

Originally from Anchorage, AK, Bethany spent her childhood in Scottsdale, AZ and Olympia, Washington. She moved back to Boise, ID from California with her husband after he received a job offer. In her free time, you can find Bethany enjoying a good body back workout, or spending time with her family and fur babies.

"The Fit4Mom community changed my life in a way I didn't know I needed...I found a community full of like-minded mamas who are all incredibly supportive, a full roster of kids to schedule play dates with, and an inner strength that, up until Fit4Mom, was being wasted. I've never felt stronger, I've never felt more supported, and I've never looked forward to workouts than I do now."


Blog Author * Our Village Book Club Administrator

If you know Jess Westhoff, you know she's an avid reader and writer. Plus, she has the most welcoming smile. EVER. You'll feel right at home with Jess and you will love her as much as we do.

Jess lives in Boise with her husband, Curt, three-year old son, Asher, and one-year old daughter, Annabelle. Before becoming a mom, Jess taught language arts and social studies at the middle and high school levels. Like most English teachers, she is a total book nerd and loves all things literary. Jess also enjoys traveling, spending time outside, and hanging out with her little family. She feels blessed to be supported by the amazing community of moms in the Fit4Mom Boise Village.

Do you love gentle souls and sweethearts? then you need to meet Heather and and her little sweethearts, Alba & Mia. You and your babies will love her classes. And don't let her petite body and gentle soul fool you. She's also tough. She marathon's and runs like a MOTHER. Plus, she wins every fit4mom partner competition like a boss.

As a Boise Native, Heather is a wife to Aaron and mom to Alba (3) and baby Mia (1) and a passionate Disney fan. (You will often find her or Alba wearing something disney -- even her nails have mickey and minnie on them!).

Becoming a mom started very rough for Heather, but she wouldn't change anything because it's what brought her to Fit4Mom. After Heather joined stroller strides, she participated in multiple body back sessions, continues with stroller strides, and currently doing Fit4baby. She's also done two half marathons and three 5k's.

Showing her spirit for fitness, Heather became a certified instructor for Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre and Fit4baby.

Heather is also a Cosmetologist and when she's not instructing, styling hair (or at Disneyland), she's usually reading a book or outside riding bikes, camping, picnicking, traveling and doing anything that involves the outdoors.

"Fitness has always been a struggle for me but thanks to Stroller Strides and Fit4mom, I have found the strength I needed to get my family happy and healthy, while having fun and meeting great and wonderful moms who I know I will have in my life forever."